Using language is like living in the dark with small flashlights attached to our foreheads…

The problem with language is that it can only share one tiny fraction of reality at a time. If I am standing two feet from an elephant and shine a small flashlight on the elephant’s thigh, how much will I know about this elephant? Not much. Mostly I am in the dark about it. Yet this is exactly how humans have been trained to live.

We have learned to navigate human society with similar, small flashlights attached to our foreheads. We shine these little lights onto words which have unique meaning for us: We were all trained to translate small aspects of reality into code which causes our cells and body processes to play movies onto our inner theatre of experience. These movies are entertaining, motivating, terrifying, destructive – and everything in between – to our very organisms.

Language enables lies and deception because only we know how we feel inside. We can attach any label we want. However, at the same time, trying to understand our own imagery is the golden key to our organic intelligence. It comes through our senses and we feel it on the inside. Only WE can understand what our inner imagery really means. For example, this image was a dream image of mine. At first I did not understand it. I painted it into my visual journal and mused over it for weeks. Then Ta Daa!! I knew what it meant FOR ME. And I was excited!! GorillaFriend’s Subjective Experience University will allow people to learn how to do shine their inner flashlight onto their inner experience, for insight from their own unique organic intelligence.