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About The Book

HARMONIZING CONSCIOUSNESS: How the Acquired Faculty of Language Wreaks Havoc with Human Consciousness, and What We Can Do About It

Publication Date: First released July 2018 as an ebook and available on Amazon in September 2018 as a printed book.

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From The Author

Sylvie Rosewood
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sylvie Rosewood

Hello Friend!

In this book I have the audacity to suggest that problems have resulted from the combination of human language and consciousness. What caused me to come up with the idea that language is a problem for us? How preposterous and ironic is this?

As a registered clinical hypnotherapist in Canada with a background that includes an extensive meditation practice and experimenting with various healing therapies, my approach to improving well being is practical and hands-on.
My professional work as a clinical hypnotherapist opened up my interest in our biological relationship to words and language. Meditation experience and neuroscience have demonstrated to me how language is an artificial code which becomes attached to our biofeedback systems and then dances around the inner spaces of our neurobiology in response to our emotions and sensations; we call those activities, thinking and imagining. Although language is an acquired tool that takes us years to learn, it feels as natural to us as breathing because it becomes wired together with our very biology and physiology.

In the book “Harmonizing Consciousness” I coined the term ‘the double bind of human mind’ which refers to the fact that we have no choice but to focus on producing artificial code instead of the life in our bodies and the sustainability of our species. I suggest that our obsessive use of language interferes with our biological capacities to sense and then move with the harmony of life. My observation is that our unrestrained use of human language creates divisive influences both individually and in larger society, and these are responsible for the increasing levels of anxiety, depression, and the bizarre anti-life behaviour that we observe.

The good news is we are infinitely capable of change, and fast change too. The other good news is that we can harmonize our individual consciousnesses by connecting with the inner data and inner knowings that are always being communicated to us.

For those who wish to experience a guided approach to the activities and tools discussed in my book, I am in the process of creating an online course which will be available in September 2018. If you wish to be update about the details of the online course, please sign up for the newsletter.

I see my book as a place to start a new kind of dialogue about the nuts and bolts of how our language affects us, and what we can do about it. It will be a fascinating and enlightening exploration, for sure! I hope you join me for some thought provoking discussions in future podcasts and videos.

All the best to you, your family and community,

Sylvie Rosewood


More about the book:

Harmonizing consciousness is not a subject we learned about in school. Even though we are not clear on what consciousness is, we still have a pressing need to understand how we can improve our experience of life with it. The process of evening out the ups and downs of mental states is what is meant by the term harmonizing consciousness.

After reading this book, readers will better understand what needs to be done to improve their well-being and how certain kinds of activities and therapies are effective in countering the negative effects of acquiring language.

Although the premise for this book reads like science fiction, it rests firmly in the strangeness of reality and will challenge readers to think about their lives as they never have before. It puts a spotlight on how human consciousness has become distinct from other animals and the special challenges that come along with being human. This points the way to how we can harmonize our consciousness and improve our well being.

Eleven activities are described, including a simple meditation that makes it easy to begin a regular practice and stay on track with it. Three effective therapies are also discussed as well as how to find qualified facilitators for them; Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming (EMDR); Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT); and Hypnotherapy.

The stages of harmonizing consciousness are described in a cartoon about a girl and a gorilla.

The GorillaFriend cartoon is the author’s revision of the Ten Ox-herding Pictures which are ancient paintings from the Zen tradition and point to the stages of meditation and the path of enlightening.

Opportunities to ponder and practice what contributes to optimal functioning as a human being, are found in the pages of this book.