Hats off to Alfred Korzybski, a man ahead of his time

We can all see how our society’s systems are failing these days. I have a unique theory about our human problem that, until two days ago, I felt alone in having. But then I heard about Alfred Korzybski. He was an engineer and a mathematician amongst many other things, he spoke five languages fluently and undertook one dozen years of research before he wrote his first book – which shares the basic premise of my book.

Alfred Korzybski was a brilliant, charismatic, kind man, a polymath, who brought us General Semantics (different than Semantics) and a whole bunch of other sane and liberating ideas like, “the map is not the territory” and the concept of ‘time-binding.’ General Semantics is considered a non-Aristotelian way of thought because it is based on three or more values. (Aristotelian way of thinking is a two-value system of logic.) Many others were inspired by his ideas. It also confirms my ‘science fiction’ introduction to my book! Here’s an article about how others found his ideas something to think about: “The Eccentric Polish Count Who Influenced Classic Science Fiction’s Greatest Writers”, by Lee Konstatinou:https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-eccentric-polish-count-who-influenced-classic-sfs-g-1631001935