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Harmonizing consciousness is not a subject we learned about in school.

Even though we are not clear on what consciousness is, we still have a pressing need to understand how we can improve our experience of life with it.

The process of evening out the ups and downs of mental states is what is meant by the term harmonizing consciousness.


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What’s In Progress

 Online Course Launch January 2020

Watch for a unique ‘community approach’ to honing the GorillaFriend online course which will be launching January 2020. You can be a part of this unique and transformative process using Patreon! Send me an email if you want to be notified of the details as they arise, or sign up for the newsletter.

Winter Workshops


This weekly workshop will be held at the Baddeck Public Library in January and February 2020. A community member is co-facilitating this workshop with me. It promises to be fun and thought provoking.

Healing Arts

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My Podcast Launch

I am very excited to finally to launch my provocative podcast series which will give me a better forum to explore the topic of innate biological intelligence. I will have interviews with fascinating people on thought provoking topics to inspire your ponderings. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed about the launch.